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The ABCs of Dealing With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence was a part of my family's life for years. When I made the decision to leave with my children, I had to rely on the law to provide the protection we needed. Sometimes, the system does not work as fast as we want. I soon learned that going at it alone without any guidance caused significant delays. I created this blog to help others who are seeking legal means to deal with an abusive ex. By making the right moves, it is possible to get the necessary protections in place so that you can also live a happier and healthier life.


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The ABCs of Dealing With Domestic Violence

Commercial Litigation: Strategies To Reduce The Timeline

by Gina Hill

The longer a court case goes on, the more expensive it becomes. If a court case continues for too long, it may actually be costing your business more than it stands to gain. However, this is not just about the amount of money you stand to lose; there's also the opportunity cost.

If a court case is taking up too much of your time, you could be unable to offer your clients the services they need which could hurt your business. You could also miss out on other opportunities when all your focus is on one case. How can you prevent such cases from taking too long?

Have the Right Attorney by Your Side

Unsurprisingly, one common reason why commercial litigation can take longer than expected is having the wrong attorney. A good attorney can use delay tactics to frustrate your case. If you have a good attorney, they will not fall for these tactics and will be able to counter them effectively.

There's also a chance that if you don't have the right attorney, they may be the cause of the delays due to lack of preparedness.

Carefully Weigh Any Offers

Sometimes, a settlement can save both you and the other party a lot of pain. Many people turn down settlement offers out of pride or because they're confident of winning. However, if the case takes too long, even the winner is likely to lose more than they're going to gain.

Additionally, winning doesn't guarantee that the other party won't appeal the decision. This could leave you locked in court for years. If there's a chance a long-fought victory won't be worth it in the end, you should consider any offers on the table.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Keeping communication lines open ensures that the other party can still reach you if they're willing to negotiate a deal that will prevent the court case from going on for too long. Open communication lines can help to resolve the main conflict or other misunderstandings that may have made things worse.

Consider Alternative Solutions

Just because the case is already in court doesn't mean that you can't explore other solutions to resolving the case. Depending on the subject matter, you could still explore solutions such as mediation and arbitration. One of these alternatives can help you to reach a conclusion that benefits both parties. This can bring an end to ongoing litigation.

For more information, contact your local commercial litigation lawyer.