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The ABCs of Dealing With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence was a part of my family's life for years. When I made the decision to leave with my children, I had to rely on the law to provide the protection we needed. Sometimes, the system does not work as fast as we want. I soon learned that going at it alone without any guidance caused significant delays. I created this blog to help others who are seeking legal means to deal with an abusive ex. By making the right moves, it is possible to get the necessary protections in place so that you can also live a happier and healthier life.


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The ABCs of Dealing With Domestic Violence

4 Questions Frequently Asked By Personal Injury Victims

by Gina Hill

Have you recently suffered an injury due to someone else's negligence? If so, you can potentially sue the responsible party in a personal injury lawsuit. Here are a few questions many injury victims have before moving forward with a lawsuit.

Will It Cost You Money To Sue For Your Injuries?

Many people have misconceptions about how it works to pay for a personal injury lawsuit. It is highly recommended that you use a lawyer because lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that they don't charge you for their services unless you win your injury lawsuit, making them motivated to get you the compensation you deserve. However, that does not mean that there will be no costs that you will incur along the way. 

You will still be expected to pay legal fees that are involved to take your case to court, whether you win or lose, and any costs incurred by the lawyer to help you with your lawsuit. However, since a lawyer will likely not take on your case if you don't have a good shot at winning, know that you're in good hands if you've found someone to help you.

Will You Receive Full Compensation If You Are Found Partially Responsible?

The way that partial responsibility factors into an injury lawsuit depends on the state where your lawsuit is filed. Some states will award partial compensation for partial responsibility, while others require the defendant to be 100% responsible to award you compensation. Your lawyer can let you know how partial responsibility works in your state and if it will impact your case.

Will Your Injury Case Immediately Go To Trial?

Be aware that it is highly likely that you'll never step foot in court to settle your personal injury case. That is because the vast majority of cases are settled in mediation. If you have strong evidence for your case, the defendant will likely want to settle outside of court where they have more control over the outcome and how much they pay for compensation. 

How Do You Know How Much To Sue For? 

There are so many factors that make up your personal injury compensation claim, which include many costs that have not yet been determined. For example, you may have future medical bills that you need to pay for, and you need to put a price on pain and suffering damages. Your lawyer will help you out in this area since they can give accurate figures to these factors that don't have a finite number. 

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