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The ABCs of Dealing With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence was a part of my family's life for years. When I made the decision to leave with my children, I had to rely on the law to provide the protection we needed. Sometimes, the system does not work as fast as we want. I soon learned that going at it alone without any guidance caused significant delays. I created this blog to help others who are seeking legal means to deal with an abusive ex. By making the right moves, it is possible to get the necessary protections in place so that you can also live a happier and healthier life.


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The ABCs of Dealing With Domestic Violence

Why Hiring a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Be Beneficial for Your Case

by Gina Hill

When you make the decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may feel uncertain about how to get started. For this reason, you'll need to work with a bankruptcy lawyer. An experienced lawyer who will guide you through the process of Chapter 7 bankruptcy and speak with creditors on your behalf can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case. Continue reading below to learn more about the advantages of hiring a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer.

1) Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers have the right blend of practical knowledge and experience to handle your case with ease.

Preparing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case can be complicated, and a skilled lawyer will help you navigate the necessary steps from beginning to end. Most bankruptcy lawyers handle several cases each month, so these attorneys have ample experience with tackling the complex nuances of the rules and regulations involved in filing a bankruptcy case. Your lawyer will also have specific knowledge about Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws in your local area. This type of bankruptcy carries a different set of requirements from other kinds of bankruptcies, so it's important to work with someone who can guarantee that you properly follow every applicable legal mandate. A lawyer can confirm that you fill out the right paperwork without missing any vital details, which will improve your chances of getting the best possible results for your case.

2)  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will also meet and work with your creditors for you. 

One of the most daunting elements of a bankruptcy case is interaction with your creditors. This is especially true if you are not confident in how to negotiate a reasonable plan for covering your debts. Rather than working through this part of the process on your own, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will meet with the creditors in your stead to represent your interests and come to an appropriate conclusion. For example, your lawyer can make sure that you are able to retain ownership of some of your assets, such as your car or house. This is achieved through a reaffirmation agreement with your creditors that lets you keep your property on the condition that you make regular payments towards your debts. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will work to secure a payment schedule that fits your budget. 

3) Your lawyer can determine when the ideal time is for you to start the process. 

Although you might be tempted to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy immediately, there are certain occasions when waiting a bit can be more beneficial for you. If your income from the past few months is relatively high, for instance, you might be forced to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead and have to pay off all of your debts before the bankruptcy can be discharged. Holding off on filing can allow you to better qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Additionally, if you think that you'll incur more large debts after filing, you may consider waiting. It's crucial to note that the only debts eligible for possible elimination from your record are those that were current at the moment that you filed. A lawyer will be able to assess your unique case and advise you about the optimal time to begin the process. 

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a good way to start on the path of recovering your credit. If you need guidance about whether or not Chapter 7 bankruptcy is right for your particular situation, don't hesitate to consult a lawyer for the best steps to take.

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