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The ABCs of Dealing With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence was a part of my family's life for years. When I made the decision to leave with my children, I had to rely on the law to provide the protection we needed. Sometimes, the system does not work as fast as we want. I soon learned that going at it alone without any guidance caused significant delays. I created this blog to help others who are seeking legal means to deal with an abusive ex. By making the right moves, it is possible to get the necessary protections in place so that you can also live a happier and healthier life.


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The ABCs of Dealing With Domestic Violence

    5 Workers Compensation Mistakes To Avoid

    Workers compensation is a form of insurance that employers are required to have in order to protect employees who may be injured on the job. After a workplace injury, workers compensation can pay for medical bills as well as any wages that are lost due to missing work while recovering. If you are hurt at work, it is important to avoid common mistakes when it comes to workers compensation. Some of the most common workers compensation mistakes include:

    Can You Sue If You Are Injured While Performing Work For A Friend Or Neighbor?

    Doing a small job for a friend or neighbor, such as helping them install a new garbage disposal or checking on their cat while they are on vacation, isn't usually any cause for financial worries. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents do happen and you may need to be compensated for the cost of treatment, lost wages, or even pain and suffering. The following guide can help you understand what you may be entitled to.

    Covered Or Not? Less Common Workplace Injuries

    Being injured in a work-related incident can mean eligibility for valuable benefits, such as payment for your medical care and coverage of a portion of your regular wages while you seek medical treatment and recuperate. The question of workers' compensation coverage may come into play, however, when your accident occurs under less common circumstances and locations. Read on to learn more about what you can expect if you find yourself the victim of one of these uncommon situations for work-related injuries.

    4 Tips For Welcoming An Adopted School-Age Child Into Your Home

    Adoption is often a blessing for both the child who is being adopted and the family who is welcoming the child into their home. While adoption is usually a positive experience in the long run, there can be unexpected challenges and hurdles along the way. That's especially true if you are adopting a school age child. While adopted infants get the benefit of growing up with only memories of their adopted home, school age children may have lived with their biological parents, other relatives, or even a series of foster homes.

    Neighbors Stop Acting Neighborly? 4 Steps To Take When You're Involved In A Dispute

    Neighbor disputes can destroy the sanctity of your home, especially if the dispute escalates to hurt feelings and hostility. If you're involved in a dispute with your neighbor, you want to try and settle it before things really get out of hand. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to settle differences. If the dispute with your neighbor has gotten out of hand, here are some steps you should take to settle the matter.

    Keep It Legal: 4 Steps For Your Home Business To Take Right Now

    If you plan to run a business out of your home, you are part of a growing trend. About 50% of all businesses in the United States are actually home-based, and that number shows no sign of decreasing any time soon. To ensure that your empire is on the right side of the law, read on to learn more about the 4 steps you need to take right now to keep your business legal.

    2 Things You Need To Know About The Difference Between Civil And Criminal Court

    If you have experienced the death of a loved one you might be wondering if there is anything you can do to get restitution if the death was caused by some sort of accident or malicious act. The good news is that you can take legal action against the responsible party. This will send a clear message that this kind of behavior is unacceptable, and it will help give you some sort of compensation for your pain and suffering.

    Three Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Divorce

    Although you might think that a settlement is the quickest and easiest way to end your divorce, it's important that you don't sacrifice your own needs in the process. Unfortunately, some people end up making mistakes along the way in the interest of settling things quickly. Here's a look at a few of the most common divorce missteps so that you can avoid them in your situation. 1. Know Your Financial Status